Best Books – Find Classic Books For Education Or Personal Enjoyment

Our family are book lovers who have learned together for over 10 years. The foundation of our education curriculum is the reading of good books coupled with thorough mathematics. We focus on reading good, classic, “living books” rather than a textbook or workbook approach. Over the years, we’ve found many recommendation lists. All suggest many quality books for each age level, all focusing on various historical periods or other broad themes.

A wonderful problem exists for teachers – there’s too much good material to teach! As we were confronted with a dozen or more solid reading-based plans, each recommending hundreds of books, choosing what few books to read each year became a fun, but difficult, problem. We would see what books the various lists had in common for a given reading level, what we could find affordably online, and what we could find at the library. We’d narrow down further based on the type of work – classic literature vs. biographies vs. general narratives, etc. and then the historical period the book covered – ancient vs. middle ages vs. modern, etc. In this way, we planned very personalized, interesting reading. This is a difficult yet rewarding process. It works but there are other helpful methods.

Rather than forming your own personalized plan, another idea is to just pick one of the many published plans and ignore the others. Some of the plans we recommend are from Sonlight, Veritas Press, and Robinson Curriculum. Another solution is to use one of several book guides that help categorize books. These include Honey for a Child’s Heart, The Book Tree, All Through The Ages, and Invitation to the Classics. These are flexible and helpful but still require a lot of page turning, indexing, and offer no direct online access to book vendors or libraries that can help quickly determine what is available at a reasonable cost.

The best solution is an online book list that can be easily searched and sorted by different criteria of reading level, historical era, type, price, etc. There are many online lists, though most are static lists you cannot easily search or sort. Many bloggers maintain lists of favorite books. Several sites provide more powerful search and sort capabilities. One popular example is Library Thing, tagging books for various categories. Another powerful site is Every Good Book providing searching and sorting of classic books, based on the book’s time period, type, reading level, popularity, and even cost.

Audio Books – An Education Revolution For the Blind

In 1952 a new product was developed that completely changed the education of the blind forever. A small publishing company in England published the first audio book for the sight impaired. What followed was a booming market that increased the availability and ease of use of these recordings.

Audio tech books for the blind have given people with vision difficulties the freedom to read whenever and wherever they wish. Before audio technology a blind person was required to either carry heavy Braille books around with them or have a reading partner. As you can imagine these constraints severely limited the amount of time they were able to devote to reading.

Many studies are available detailing the benefits of audio book technology.

As for reading partners, it was discovered that many partners were not sufficiently educated to understand the grammar of what they were reading and unable to pronounce many words. The reading partner process was a slow one and there were many distractions. Add to these problems the necessity of finding a partner in the first place and you have a very negative and stressful learning environment. Many students fell behind in courses, became discouraged, and quit altogether.

Enter the audio book. With this one technological advancement all of the negative aspects of learning for the blind were wiped away. There was no longer a need to depend of someone else to read to you. Distractions could be avoided by adding headphones to your listening device. And the audio book market continues to grow.

Audio book technology are available in different formats to suit your needs. You can easily find recordings on CDs or MP3s. They are affordable, some are even free. Libraries carry them for loan and the internet makes subscription service available.

Books have become available in every genre allowing the blind to read for educational purposes and for enjoyment.

The newest moves in the realm of audio technology are tables and graphs. Publishing companies are trying various methods of presenting tables and graphs without the use of Braille. This has been a difficult process but more than one publishing company feels that there will be a breakthrough in the next year.

This will only increase the existing material for the blind.

Rarely do new items create so many opportunities for people. The benefits of audio technology for the blind have done just that. A new world was opened for the blind and they were able to gain independence beyond measure

Quality Education With Homeschooling Books

While the value of classroom education is undeniable, there is also some good to be learned in homeschooling. For many parents, homeschooling has been a great learning and education method for the family. Parents have found that being hands-on with their kids when it comes to teaching them the subjects also taught at school is refreshing and allows them to have more ways of communicating with their children. Given the right set of homeschooling books, homeschooling can be a very effective schooling method.

What should parents do when in search of the best sets of books for homeschooling? First, the textbook should be suited for the child’s age. Parents should look at different authors and different publishers to see what types of books are being offered for each age group. Next, homeschooling books have to contain the same amount of subjects required to be learned in a regular classroom. To ensure this, parents should sift through each book’s Table of Contents and skim through the examples and exercises provided to make sure that all the specific subjects and sub-topics required are present in the book.

The best books for homeschooling are usually those that are filled with a pleasant mix of text, pictures, and exercises. Children cannot cope with text-heavy books that provide little to no room for application. Make sure that there are exercises on the specific subject or topic provided at the end of every chapter. Books for homeschooling should also be written in a mid-sized or large font size. Each page should not be overstuffed with text as children will find this difficult to read.

Once you have chosen the best books for homeschooling for your child, you may create your own curriculum based on your child’s learning abilities and skills, as well as the general classroom curriculum for that subject matter and grade level. Keep in mind that while you can customize your own lesson plan, you must aim to have your child go through the book in a certain amount of time. Do not spend months and months working on one book. Challenge your child to meet expectations and set standards for himself even outside the classroom.

People in Education – That’s What It’s All About

In any organization it is people that make the difference and one good example of this is in our educational system. A school district or even a single school needs to work on getting the right team in place, as this is the key to education. This is why it is recommended that administers of education should study human resources and understand what it takes to run a large organization.

If you are involved in education administration, then I’d like to recommend a book that you need on your bookshelf and you need to be well acquainted with. This is not the type of book you wish to read cover to cover, but rather a reference Manual so to speak when dealing with people in the often the emotional world of public education;

“Personal Administration in Education; New Issues & New Needs in Human Resource Management” by L. Dean Webb, John T. Greer, Paul A. Montello and M. Scott Norton; Merrill Publishing, division of Bell and Howell Information Company; Columbus, OH; Date: 1987

So, let me take a moment to discuss with you what I liked most about this book:

This book has a history section that explains the public education from the early 1900s to the present and lets you see the progression of leadership strategies in public administration. It explains the laws and how they have shaped how things are done today. It talks about motivation and measuring performance. It discusses the life cycles of schools and the reality of shifts in demographics.

This book explains how to deal with collective negotiation and teachers unions, without these stressful talks or discussions disrupting education in the classroom. There is a huge section on the legal aspects of public school personnel administration, evaluating performance and maximizing human resources. There is also a large section on the implementation of technology into the classroom and the wave of the future.

Although this book was written in 1987 many of the future trends in human resources that were projected forward are right on the money and exactly what a school administrators are dealing with today. So please consider this

MP3 Books – Perfect Mixture Of Entertainment And Education

Books help us to enhance our expression skills and vocabulary. They not only permit the readers to explore the wide horizon of unknown facts but would also help them to face the tough competitions of life confidently. One should always try to read a wide variety of subjects to gather useful information about the various classes of people and locations etc.

As the technology is getting improved with every passing day, learning lessons and reading books has also become very easy these days. Nowadays, certain special books have been developed to help the people in a varied ways.

The MP3 Books can be described as those set of literary works which are recorded into a digital form. The digital medium is then downloaded into an MP3 player to enjoy perfect pleasure. These books can impart knowledge to both kids and grown ups. They are very helpful as they help to enhance our pronunciation and permit us to enjoy learning with pleasure.

The MP3 books also have certain disadvantages. The concerned person would at times feel bored to read any type of books as it may appear to be a lengthy procedure to him or her. In that case they would always take the assistance of the audio books to gain better inputs of any preferred story or literary works. Therefore, it is always important to use these special kind of books in conjunction to physical reading.

The Audio Books can prove to be a great help to the readers to grasp things instantly. According to a research, people can comfortably learn various things just by listening rather than monotonous reading. These special kinds of books not only excite the kids but also grip the attention of the restless children in an amazing manner. These MP3 Books are embraced by the people more and more as the hectic life schedules rarely spare some time to be spent on reading and writing. Parents are readily adopting these special kinds of books to impart knowledge and education to the readers. They are very portable and can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere.

After long and tiresome daily schedules people rarely find time to read a book. Actually this problem can be eliminated with these sophisticated and unique audio books. Various other advantages are also associated with these innovative books. Blind people can learn and read a wide variety of subjects through these special kinds of books. These books are basically the dramatised form of any literary works. As such, the dramatised form is also accompanied with soft melodious music to soothe the souls of the listeners. Moreover, if you have passion to learn foreign languages, then these books can prove to be very useful.